Heating system update

In 2015 the system froze up and completely failed. We were blessed by God as the insurance company covered most of the cost of replacing the entire system. We once again have the ability to keep the homeless and everyone else nice and warm on cold days.

Heating system

The heating system is very old and inefficient. We are working on installation of an entire new system. Pray for God’s amazing hand to guide us in our efforts. The process will be slow and steady unless God has other plans.

The First Baptist Missionary

Adoniram Judson Jr. – The First Baptist Missionary We are proud of Judson’s legacy and the importance of missions Adoniram Judson, Jr. was born in Massachusetts on Aug. 9, 1788. His father, a Congregationalist minister in Plymouth, encouraged Adoniram’s ambitions, and he graduated from Brown University, first in his class in 1807. Judson taught school […]

Three Centuries in Plymouth

The First Baptist Church of Plymouth celebrated its 200th Anniversary throughout June of 2009! Come join us for our third century in Plymouth. The year 1809 was full of news… Thomas Jefferson’s second term of office ended, and James Madison’s first term of office began The Plymouth Lighthouse on the Gurnet turned 40 years old […]